Somers Randolph

Working with beautiful stones sourced from quarries around the world, Somers creates his sensuous, undulating forms.



Somers Randolph was born in 1956 in Boston, MA. He was raised in Washington D.C. and, after attending Exeter, went to Pietrasanta, Italy and the Corcoran School of Art. He graduated from Princeton in 1979 with a degree in Art History. Somers then spent twelve years in Santa Barbara and seven in Nashville. He has lived in Santa Fe, NM since 1997.

Somers’ sculptures are deceptively simple. Resonating on a subconscious level, his sensuous, undulating forms awaken something deep inside us. His vibrant spirals, continuous knots, and woven curves intrigue the eye and challenge the mind. After five decades of carving, his work can be found in many notable collections.


"Certainly you have to be obsessed to be a stone carver. The work is physical, tough and sometimes dangerous, requring hazmat-like protective gear and heroic levels of stamina. Master stone carver Somers Randolph is nothing if not obsessed, having spend most of his career carving what he calls "the perfect curve."

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"After a half-century of doing this work, Randolph plans to continue as long as possible. The process of turning a natural element into a work of art is addictive, he says. What’s even better is sharing that work with others. He offers tours of his studio, sells his works in-person and online, and his stone sculptures have been featured in various galleries. To add to the overall experience, Randolph doesn’t name his pieces so that the purchasers can decide what to call the sculpture."
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"Great creativity flows everywhere in Randolph’s world. His home is adorned with the offbeat visual art of the relatively obscure. A gallery off of the living room showcases the genteel purity and finesse of his own constructions. Yet, he does not claim greatness. Art has given him a stimulant, an exciting way of engaging in life, and an inexhaustible way of tracking it."

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“Someone once asked me how many sculptures I work on at a time. So I counted and realized that, on average, I have fifty-to-sixty sculptures in process. It all depends on what I feel like doing that day.”
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“The focus of my life has been refining shapes in stone. An eight-foot pink marble twist anchors your backyard. A translucent onyx sculpture warms your living room as it glows in the morning sunlight. A small alabaster bowl graces your dining room table. I had fun creating them and when you take one home, you get to enjoy it for the rest of your life.”